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2nd buggy

Readin some of the old post, lm sure lm on the right website!!! In a word BUGGYS!!!!!!!!!. Im having my 10 wk old grand daughter soon so will need a second on that l can have at my house. What l need is some advice on this. I do alot of walking since my children go too school 3 n a half miles away, so thats done 4 times aday then theres the shopping ect. So l need something hard wearing yet not too pricey! So as anyone got any advice for me please. Thanks.


  • I've had a Graco mirage for nearly 7 years now.All that's wrong with it is the colours have faded.Big shopping basket,lightweight,folds flat.Not the newest but I can't fault it,other than folds flat.Was around £70 I think.

    My favourite pushchairs my 3D cos it's so nice to push,but it's far to pricey for a buggy just to keep at your house.

    I've been looking at both the Loola and the chicco multiway cos I fancy a change,but I'm only window shopping now.Laura can tell you about the Loola she's actually got one.

    I'd avoid  the Bruin one I think they're calling it the Zen now.I had one two years ago when they were calling it something else.I don't find it comfy for me or baby.The handles are too high,not adjustable.It has lasted a long while though.Maybe I'm just spoilt by the 3D but it wasn't nice to push last time I used it.

    You'll still need something lays back,suitable from birth at ten weeks,but you'll need something your grand daughter can grow into.I'd have a look around,but go look on ebay  before buying,you could save yourself a lot of money.

    Someone else's turn now.We like pushchairs,lolimage.

  • Biggest pushchair tart here!!!! I love silvercross,good value for money.

    I'd look on e-bay hun,most of my previous collection is off there and you can get a bargain. If you do a fair bit of walking you probably want to check out handle height etc..... I usually pop into a store and check out different ones then browse on e-bay.

    I've heard the urban detour is very nice,mothercare own brand and a three wheeler,you can get those as travel systems too if you needed that feature. I've just got a P&T and I'm very happy with it but they are pricey,got a bargain with mine!!!! Think the others on here like mclaren too,I know I've just said how pleased I am with P&T but I do like the "old fashioned makes"! Silvercross and mclaren do last.

    How exciting having your grand daughter! Yes Jo is right you need 1 suitable from birth,but if you're going on lots of lovely walks and will do for some time,I'd make sure you get a buggy she can grow into.

    Good luck with your search-wouldn't buy babies-r-us own brand either,hood on mine bit dodgy,but I'm sure they have good points,handles are quite high that's why big fella likes it-he's tall!!!! No good for a short a**e like me!!!!!!!

  • im another buggy tart! lol,

    Ive had a mothercare urban detour, fab system, great from birth and good for lots of walking as its a smooth ride and a decent size basket,

    next was a maclaren twin techno, lovely stroller, id prefer it for 1+ but suitable from birth, rubbish basket.

    next icandy pear, love it but its a double so no point gushing lol

    next a loola, LOVELY single buggy, parent facing, good size basket smooth ride, folds tiny and comfy for a small baby to a tall toddler, good suspension for a 'stroller' decent basket only downside is not very high handles i prefer high handles fine if your under 5''8!

    maclaren twin techno, lovely side by side but another double so ill stop!

    any questions feel free, im sure between us 3 we know a fair bit!

  • I think now I've flogged 3 of mine,you are now officially crowned'Princess Laura Pushchair Tart 2009'

    I bow to you, and hereby hand over the crown!!!!!!!!!!!image Going on e-bay to purchase some more!!!!

  • I have a Jane slalom Pro which is great as has a very roomy seat for a toddler but is heavy to lift in and out of the car, but great on sand or over rough terrain (great when we are walking the dog) and is really manoverable,. Basket is a big pain the  rear though too small as are a lot of puschairs.     Again this would be pricey for a spare/2nd buggy.  My sister always used to like the maclarens buggys but cant comment on them. They seem to be very popular though.

     I am now looking to get a lightweight buggy for things like holidays and if we are going on a train or not out for a long period of time.    Or my other option is to get a double or tandem.....   I have a nephew who is 9m old too and I quite often go out with my sister so deciding if to get a double buggy so we only have one to push.    I quite like the P&T's as can use that easily with just Harry in it or pop max in it too but how do the children find being one under the other?  dont they get fraustrated as cant see as much?

     Or i may consider a side by side one, My sister may be looking after harry for a few days in Nov as my childminder is off to some exotic country to get wed........ and will probably need a double one then.. anyway maybe I will get to use it if I have any more....

  • Charmaine I can't recommend the P&T enough-it's quite sad I love it so much!!!!!!

    However my side by side was fantastic,mothercare duolite,quite a bit narrower(not a word I knowimage) and fit through most doorways also wasn't too heavy and I have 2 right chunky monkeys!!!!!!

    I seem to see a lot of those city jogger buggys a lot lately,I think they are lightweight.....Oh christ I'm off again!!!!! Have fun shopping Charmaine,I'm a lil jealous it's my fave type of shopping!!!!!!

  • i have an icandy and maclaren double, the maclarens lovely for tall children and nice and easy to get around with too!
  • Thank u all for ur help. Im going to have a tootal on e-bay, but l have seen a lovely orange one that goes up n down!!!!!! But was a bit pricey told they have it a lovely strawberry colour. At the moment lm just looking so will let u all no what l end up with. Thanks once again ladies. x
  • THank you.... will have to go and test them out and look at prices......
  • Even tho I'm happy with my currant 1,have fun ladies I'm jealous it's not me hunting on e-bay for a bargain!!!!!!!!!!image
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