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Shoo Shoos - Opinions please


  • they look identical to the ones i have been buying from a company called twinkletoes (they have a great website) they are little soft leather shoes but only cost ??3.99 a pair! i can certainly recommend them as i am on my 3rd pair and they are exactly the same as the shoes they sell in jojo maman bebe for about ??18.00!
  • I've bought shoo shoos for lo in the past - around the age that he was crawling, and far too young for proper shoes, but I wanted him to have something on his feet to keep them warm. I found them to be great. They sell them i my local shoe shop, and I ahve also seen them in Mothercare (but not that great a range). I think they are so sweet!
  • I can also recommend twinkle toes- we use them as my little one is too young for shoes, but his socks always fall off. These are so soft and roomy that they don't squash his feet. They are great quality and price and come in a cute little mesh bag. Deffo go for these x
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