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Out N About Nipper 360 double

Just wondering if any of you have this pushchair and if so what do you think of it? I am due 2nd child in August and ds will be 23 months when no.2 arrives. DS is quite big so the seat needs to also be quite big if he is going to fit!

Does it fold up quite small as I drive a Ford Focus!

Does the seat fold down completely flat as some of the pushchairs don't go down all the way (if you know what I mean!).

I have no idea where I can go and see this pushchair as so many seem to be sold on line. I know John Lewis sell it but that will mean a 200 mile round trip :roll: .

All advice and comments gratefully received.




  • We have just bought the nipper double for when our new baby arrives, there will be 28 months between DS and baby.

    It really is a fab double imo! I spent ages researching doubles before and decided to go for the nipper as it suited our needs. I didn't want to spend loads on a tandem, as we already have a good single pushchair (well 2 actually!) and we aren't planning on using the nipper for a long time as my DS likes walking.

    It is incredibly lightweight for a double, it's narrow for a side by side, you can push one handed and it's so easy to maneourve. I have a bugaboo cam and I would say it's a pretty similar off roader which is light and easy to push. But easier than the bugaboo in that you just have to fold it without taking the seat off!

    My DS is very tall for his age so we needed a double that will last him and the nipper seat is roomy and suits an older toddler not small like some side by sides. That's something I checked out beforehand, and the nipper is known to last until your toddler outgrows it.

    It folds very easily in half and folds completely flat. I have a Astra and we just have to undo the parcel shelf to fit it in the boot.

    Thee seats also lie flat for a newborn and you can get a seperate newborn insert as well.

    We got a very good deal as we picked it up for ??100 second hand in great condition. Check local ads if you want to pick a secondhand one up!
  • Can't give loads of info but my sister has it for her twins and loves it. Its very light and compact.

    It doesn't fold that small, the wheels are quite big but not too bad for a double.

    Kiddicare have it on display in Peterborough if youre anywhere near?
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