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Baby Jogger City Select - worth buying?

We have been looking at the Nipper 360 double but am now wondering if the Baby Jogger would be better as tandem/single? It is stupidly expensive so it had better do everything other than make my breakfast :lol: !

Does anyone have this and what do you think about it? Worth the money?

Oh, and DS will be nearly 2 when 2nd one arrives so not sure how much long term use we will get from it as a tandem.



  • We bought this for dd (13 months) and bubs (due yesterday!). I've not had chance to use it yet, but have mini-trialled as a tandem with dd & her pal, who's around the same weight (23lb).

    I have to say, it's really easy to push even with the combined weight and I love the way they could see each other, or the one behind could see over the top of the other when both facing forward or backward. I'm looking forward to the versatility that it will bring having 2 of different ages.

    You could always get it as a single, then buy the extra seat if you feel you will need it once bubs is here. It makes it dramatically less expensive that way, and gives you chance to get used to it too. They're also holding their value pretty well on Ebay at the moment. Hth xx
  • Thanks ladies. Much appreciated.

    I shall have to keep my eyes open for a decent second hand one.

  • Glad you posted this as i like the look of it side by side or tandem or do different ones come in either or. I am confused how they can face eachother....

  • The City Select can be used as a single, or converts to a tandem when the extra seat is bought. See:

    The link posted by fall3en-ang3luk is for a single stroller only, which can not be converted.

    I found this review really useful when choosing our pram:

    Hth xx
  • Thanks for that honey pops it looks perrrrrrrfect
  • Oooo - I love this and didn't even know it existed. Think this could be the one for us. Thanks!

  • YIKES - just seen that it's 15.5 kilos as a double. image
  • I know - it's a whopper! The price is also rather eye watering! However, you can at least use it as both a single and a double. It came out last year which is why it isn't so well known.

    I really like the look of it but trying to convince hubby is a different matter :lol: .

  • How much is it (do I want to know?!)
  • It really doesn't feel that heavy to push-even with 2 23lb babies on board. I did notice the weight when lifting it into my car boot, but don't see that as too much of a problem.

    Rough price guide:

    Hubby wanted me to use our current travel system for dd, then use a sling for new bubs...which would be all well and good until new bubs gets to the same size as dd :lol: ! 'If that's what we need, that's what we need' he said. He was more keen to play with it when it arrived than I was image xx
  • Honeypops my commission is going to you hehehehe
  • The basic price you will usually see will be for the single seat and chassis only. Don't forget to add on the cost of a second seat unit, car seat adapters if you want them plus a carrycot etc. if you want one of those as well.

    I reckon the final price could well be over ??700!!!

  • They are expensive, but they're brilliant!

    I have one, and it's so much better than any other buggy I've ever had. It's so easy to push, it's really versatile, unlike other tandems both children have a good view, it's parent or forward facing, the shopping basket is really spacious, and can accomodate a carry cot, seat unit, or car seat, if you use it as a double, the two children can either face each other or away from each other, or back to back - it's fabulous! It also doesn't take up as much room in the car as you'd expect as you can take wheels off really easily if you need to, and you can stack the seat units, so it really doesn't take up that much room.

    The one thing I found frustrating though is that very few websites advertise the price they are selling for - you have to call the companies up and ask them to price it up for you (with whatever extras you want, second seats etc). However, a lot of the retailers will price-match, so if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, but prefer the service of another store, they will usually match the price for you. Tesco Direct sell them, so if they do the deal where you can triple your clubcard vouchers again, you could get it at a reasonable price off there.

    Find somewhere that stocks it and have a play - it's a really good buggy!

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