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P & T Explorer with baby & toddler

hey girls

was wondering if anyone has the p&t explorer and uses it with a toddler and baby?

my second is due in 7 weeks, my lo is 2 yrs old and have been trying to decide on if i need a double.

had a good look at the explorer the other day but the only thing i didnt like about it was that the front seat doesnt recline. my lo takes her nap in her buggy and the thought of her being sat bolt upright whilst napping just doesnt work for me.

just wondering if i am being silly or has anyone else found this to be a problem?


  • Hi,

    I don't have a p+t but I have recently bought a double for when my 2nd baby is born in may. I looked at the p+t all models as I need a pushchair that.will fit in boot of a clip. However at 20months my son was already too big for the seat when using in newborn + toddler mode. I too didn't like that it didn't recline as I expect both my children will kip in pushchair. I.was also a bit worried about the in-between stage for baby when they want to see more but r too.small for 2nd seat.

    I have gone for a britax b dual. Had it out for a play last weekend n my ds loves it. The second seat isn't too spacious but hoping ill.only need pushchair in double mode for another yr. Not having a double wasn't an option for us as although my ds can walk no probs he prefers to be carried!

    Emma x
  • my son will be 28 months when daughter arrives, i ahve bought the p&t explorer. i have to say im not to worried about this as i need to cut back on sons nap anyway and as long as he can sit down in comfort im not worried. i have to say he is tall so i hope space wont be an issue, as it says up to 5 years! another option, but baby in car seat-you need to get adapters. and put toddler underneath?
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