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Advice on double buggy please?


I'm currently pregnant with my 2nd baby.

When this one comes along my little boy will be 27months. Do you think I'll need some sort of double buggy?

I'm moving towards not getting one. My little boy has been walking from 11months and loves to walk! He has a silvercross pop buggy which he goes in when we have days out or going longer distances.

I have a Quinny Buzz 4 which I love from when he was born which I'd like to use again.

If we were having a day out as a family I guess we could take both prams. If I'm on my own with baby and toddler I wouldn't go far - perhaps I could get one of those buggy boards?

What do you think? What would you do?

Many thanks.



  • hmmm i'd say see how it is when baby arrives. We have got one as my DD will have just turned 2 when new babba arrives, but to be honest she barely uses the pushchair anymore and also she went into a sling a lot when she was little - so either a buggy board or sling might be a good idea for an emergency? If you find when new babba arrives you need one you could always have a 'back up' one in mind to buy then! or get a cheapie second hand one so you havn't had to spend out a lot on one that you wont get much use out of xxxx
  • We bought a Silver Cross Pop Duo as DS1 was only 20 months but used singles when out as a family. We haven't really used it since about 27 months & just use a buggy board.
  • We're going to have a 28 month gap between ds and new baby. DS has also been walking since he was 11 months so I wasn't keen to waste money on a double buggy that would hardly get any use. We already have a baby jogger city mini which ds uses and a bugaboo which we want to use again for baby.

    We've gone for a buggy board and I planned to wait and see about getting a cheap double if we needed it. But we spotted a fab local bargain for a 2nd hand Nipper out n about 360 double so now we have this option for the few times we will need it. It is a fab buggy and we got it for a very good price but I wouldn't buy one for full price with this age gap.

    I would wait and see, so many friends have not really needed a double and only used it a few times, even with a smaller gap than this! x
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