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which tandem / double buggy to buy???

I have a 2 year old (far from being able to walk!!) and a 10 month old and I'm looking for a new buggy as my i candy is now too heavy. I have been told the tandems are heavy and awkward up kerbs, not a lot of room for baby sitting in the back, but side by sides are bulky and dont fit through doors? the my child sienna has poor reviews?

Can anybody offer advice please??? hardly any baby stockists offer a variety so I can try them out??




  • Are you anywhere near Kiddicare or a big John Lewis? We were planning on travelling over to Kiddicare to try out a few buggies when I was pg with DS3 - in the end we found a local baby show event and went there and found the Babyjogger City Select. It's a really great buggy, although it is now getting heavier as DS3 is getting bigger (although DS2 won't be in it much longer so we can convert it back to a single)

    I've heard very good things about the Nipper 360s - and they do fit through doorways - I spoke to a woman in a shop who had her 2 1/2 year twins in one, and she let me wheel it around the Early Learning Centre with her twins in it, and it wasn't that heavy at all.

    Hope you find the buggy that suits you xxx
  • Thank you - I'll look into them - I've looked on John lewis web site but they dont have much choice?..xx
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