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Mummy long legz

Hi ladies, When I was pg with my dd 3 years ago, I stumbled across a website called '' which sells trousers and jeans for longer legged mummies to be. I ordered a fabulousnpairmofmtrousers and jeans which were a beautiful fit.... As I *might* be pg again (very faint bfp) I've been thinking ahead and scouring the Internet this evening looking for the website. I can't find it and I'm wondering whether anybody knows what has happened? Have they changed their name? Gone bust? There is a similar company called but it's a US company, not the same one. Feeling a bit disappointed about this as I can never find a pair of jeans to fit properly. image


  • Have found them!! They've changed their name to

    I had come across this website during my search for mummylonglegz, but dismissed it as the website looks not as well made..... But after closer inspection, they are the same!! I'm so happy now image
  • Hi Chilli

    Its Gillian aka Mummy Long Legz here! You are right, the site has changed to Tall Maternity Store selling the Mummy Long Legz brand. We thought the name made it easier for ladies looking for tall maternity clothes to find us. I was so pleased to hear from you and thanks so much for getting in touch and also for your lovely comments about our jeans and trousers. We have added a few new styles to the range. I loved that you liked my homemade website better, seems i can give the web designer a run for his money!! Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on

    Gillian x

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