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Double buggy.....

my son will be nearly 3 when i have my second baby, confused as to which double buggy to buy. i want them side by side and would like a carry cot part for new baby??


  • I obv don't know your son but would he really need to be in a buggy at that age? Maybe just a buggy board would do? Does he do much walking at the moment, or does he usually want his pushchair? My son hardly wanted to go in his at all once he was walking confidently, can be a pain when you're in a hurry! I dont know loads about doubles, as im only having to consider them now im preg with 3rd, but the one I'm interested in is the teutonia team cosmo and you can have the newborn in the carrycot with the older one sitting beside. Good luck!
  • My son Will be 3 when baby arrives and still sleeps in his buggy when i pick Ds1 up from school. So my double Will get used again. Us if weather is bad he would get drenched on his buggy board! I have a buggy board i plan to use too. I can't see us running on time for the school run so may need speed lol. Ds2 walked at 9m too! I never imagined needing a double this time. We have a side by side model but not one that has a carry cot. Its silvercross pop and i used it for a full year with sons. Don't know what i would have done without it! I love it. image good luck with choosing yours Xxx
  • Yeh will def need a buggy, he will walk short journeys on his own but wants carried alot. I did think about a buggy board but really dont think hed stay on it ling

    have a look at the above site, it has loads of great pram reviews and you can search by number of seats, so you could look at great doubles

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