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icandy peach help!!

Good Morning Ladies!!

So after a lot of diliberating we bought the icandy peach in black jack and I love it.

But I have a query, I would like to buy the mattress that the baby can sleep in if we are out visiting etc, but where do I get it from?? I have been on the icandy website and I cant find any??

Has anyone else changed the mattress?? Or has anyone got any advice for me??



  • Hi Allytoots,

    I was told by a store assistant and then double checked on the website that both the Peach and Peach 2 carrycots were suitable for overnight sleeping, so will be absolutley fine for sleeping in when visiting. You can buy a spare mattress from the spare parts section of the website but the spare parts as far as I am aware is the same as what you will have got with your carry cot.

    I can not wait to get my peach and a few friends who have it love it said they deff made the right decision.

    Hope that helped x

  • i I have just purchased the icandy peach in the older tomato colour carrycot/stroller. I think the lady in the shop told me I have the peach 2 chassis. I am now wondering what I need if the time comes in future to convert to a double. Will I only be able to attach a new peach 2 seat or if I did find the original peach seat in tomato colour on ebay would I be able to attach this onto the peach 2 chassis? Please help I am very confused!!

    Many thanks

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