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mothercare orb

Anyone have this? ? Thoughts and feelings on the pram xx


  • i have just bought it from mothercare, although little one is not  here yet and i havent had chance to use it i absolutely LOVE it. Went in to buy the mothercare xpedior for £250 but in the end spent 2 hours in the shop trying out several others and fell in love with this one! I dont know whether you have seen it in person but the pictures online and in the mag do not do it justice at all, its soo lovely image

    another thing worth remembering is that you can go on a mothercare baby plan- you pay 10% straight up and then you can pay off the remainder of the balance between  then and 10 days before it is delivered to you. you can cancel it anytime and get all of your money back, change your mind to a different pram later on, and it is completely interest free.

    the only downside i could see was that you do not get the car seat included and so have to pay extra for that (you will also need the adaptors which cost £30 (so that you can attach the car seat onto the frame).

    I paid about £394.29 for the pram and car seat (but will be paying it off bit by bit) and will need to pay £29.99 extra for the adaptors....but i really do think it was worth the extra money as i really fell in love with it out of all of the prams in there image

    dolly xx

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