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As a first time parent, I'm finding the vast choice of car seats/prams/strollers etc rather overwhelming...

Apologies if this thread has already been started elsewhere...but I would really appreciate any advice from parents about whether to buy travel systems or separate prams and car seats? Which works out the most cost effective? Which brands would you recommend?

I've also seen that there are some car seats that can be switched from rear-facing to forward-facing but would I be right in saying that these cannot be part of a travel system?

If experienced parents could take a trip down memory lane and advise me of any pitfalls/areas of expense to avoid I would very much appreciate it!


Many thanks



  • Hi hun im not yet a parent (due in March tho) but ive some experience as i used to work for mothercare so often had expectant parents coming in looking for advice!

    1st you should think what you plan on using then for (ok walking and travelling in the car obvs but do you plan on doing lots of walking when little one should be laying down alot or just short trips?) do you want the convenience of lifting little one in seat out of the carwhile sleeping or are you happy to possibily wake them while taking them out?

    Your right in thinking that you get ones that start off as backwards facing and turn for next stage but they dont attach to the pushchairs! you might find going into one of the childrens stores and getting the staff to fit the seat in your car might narrow down your search, not all seats fit in all cars!! this might influence your choice of stroller too!

    Personally im thinking id like to have a 2 in 1 car seat (there is a maxi-cosi one im hoping will fit my car!) just as i feel this will save me cash in the long run..... car seats are expensive!! and i'd like a bugaboo cameleon (i might try get a 2nd hand one cos they are expensive and ill be on a budget!) or im thinking oyster cos i like that you can change the colour so if i have a 2nd i could just freshn it up!

    hope i havent rambled on too much! x


  • Hi, sorry don't know how to start a thread...this is a bit of a difficult one image my little boy is 2 1\2 and he's a very tall boy he's over three feet tall and weighs about 16.402 what would be the best car seat for his height and age? Don't know where to start! Xx
  • cos hes over the 15kg hes too big for the 5point harness ones so he would just need a high back booster and be strapped in with a normal seat belt. If you've got a store near by that sells car seat might be best to take him in so he can try them out too that way you'll see how much space he has to grow and if he like the seat hes more likely to be happy to sit in it! Lots of places have car seats nowadays so even likes of halfords toys r us and asdas should have them on display for you to try. then you can still order off the internet if you find it at a less price! x

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