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Advice On Best but But cheap Breastpump

When i had my first i found it hard to feed her as i got really sore but the pump i had was not very good, this time i want my baby to have my milk and though i will try my best to do it naturally i would like a pump just in-case i don't manage it as with my first i pushed passed the pain but ended up getting mastitis and a abscess scare which made me very ill for some weeks and by time i was better my milk had stopped.

Any advice on Electric pumps would be great as it was 6 years ago i got my last one and no idea what i am looking for 


  • I am expecting my first baby and i want to find out if its possible to use different products of breast pump and feeding bottles together. For instance, can i use a Phillips Avent breast pump with a Tommee Tippee feeding bottle?

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