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double buggy's your recommendations

What's your recs on doubles I don't like side by side ones so wondering about tandems 

Anyone know what a phil and teds promonade is like?


  • Ive had a side by side and tandem. Hated the tandem and sold it after a few weeks. Loved my baby jogger double - couldn't fault it

  • Baby jogger city mini double. We gave the 2014 GT version. It's brilliant.

    We aldo have an icandy peach blossom 3, the baby jogger is miles more practical.

  • Ducky did you have to get the carrycots for the city mini?

  • The main issue with tandems is the child on the bottom is basically sitting in the shopping basket so you're losing storage space,  which put me off.  I've got a Out n About 360  Nipper, which I highly recommend. It's light to push, he kids are comfortable in it, and it's one of the narrowest ones on the market so I'm able to get it through shop doors and through my front door.

  • Phil n teds would leave you with basket space if  you put the extra seat on the front rather than behind x

  • A double eh? Is there something we don't know NLH?

  • I was just thinking the same PS

  • No I don't have carrycots for the baby jogger, I use the seats flat and have buggysnuggles inside. If it was my only buggy I may have got them, but it's my second and I couldn't justify any extra ££

    They actually hate being flat but I can prop them up easily in the seats as they recline to any angle, not just set positions like most prams.

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