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Foam play mat bargain!

Found a bargain today so thought I would share incase anyone was looking for something similar!
We have floorboards in the lounge & as E is starting to crawl, I wanted to get one of those giant foam jigsaws to protect her little knees. My friend got one with numbers on from ELC for £15 (an alphabet one is £25) but as a money conscious mum (cheap skate!) thought Id see if a supermarket did one cheaper. In Tesco I found a kids giant outdoor draughts set reduced to £3.75!!!


  • It's black and white but it does the job of protecting her little knees and will come in handy at the next BBQ or party!
  • Good idea which Tescos Mrs B? Eastgate? Bradley Stoke and did they have any more?

  • Eastgate and yes they did. On the last toy aisle, at the end they had loads of clearance toys!!
  • Ooh may have to go have a look! How are things generally Mrs B seems an age since we were on hitched wedding planning!

  • I know! 3 & 1/2 years now!! Its flown by! All is good here, apart from a 24 hr vomiting bug for E we are just recovering from!

    the next at eastgate has q nice Costa if you ever fancy a muni mumdrum meet up!!
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