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Awesome toy!!!

Anyone who is stuck for a new toy or treat for their little one check this toy out. Mia will be 3 in September and she is at that stage were she has grown out of some toys and not ready for others. She loves drawing and she can read her numbers and some letters so we thought rather then buying yet another teach your child to count and learn letters toy, we opted for this. We gave her it yesterday after an incredible week with her reward chart being filled up. She has already matered some of the letters. We were hoping to find something to give her a challenge and develop her speach. She can say a lot but she doesn't interact too much even though we encourage her lots. From yesterday lunch time we are already seeing results with us suggesting word that start with the letter she is writing and she is trying to do it too. Don't get me wrong, some of them are way off but it's good she is trying and having fun.... but no, 'O' doesn't start the name Ooby Doo. Lol.

I just wanted to suggest it as a great toy for anyone else struggling to find a good toy for the same age group. Any other suggestions would be awesome.




  • Sorry i cant see what the toy is called.  my little girl is 3 in December and wanting to get a toy that is a bit educational as i do feel her letters and writing skills are limited.  thanks x
  • It's Leap Frog Scribble & Write. It is really good. She can write P and J on her own now and she is learning what other letters are called. Absolute bargain too, just under £20. x

  • thank you great idea good price to, always ned extra help as birthday couple of days before christmas.  thanks so much. x

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