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Smaller changing bag

ATM I'm using a baba bing satchel type bag ( which ii was given by a friend for free as she wasn't using it anymore. The only problem is I find it massive and half of it is empty even when I've put all the usual things in it! It will be handing for longer all day trips when I need to carry more stuff (toys etc) and probably when weaning as will need more space for pots etc. but if I'm popping out to the shops etc I'm only out for 3/4hrs max so really don't need something so big ATM. It also takes up the whole of my pram basket which seems silly if I'm not actually using it! 

So I was thinking of getting a smaller bag, don't want to spend lots.....any thoughts (doesnt have to be a change bag specifically as long as I can put a pound land travel change mat in there quite happily). Could I get away with a kids rucksack or something like that at this age (6 weeks)


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