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High chair recommendations

not planning to wean M yet but just looking ahead and starting some reasearch on our next equipment purchase which will be a highchair. We don't have a table (ATM but might in the future)so needs to be something with a tray, and don't have a lot of space so ideally needs to fold also. I did like the look of the ikea antilop but it doesn't fold.......I also liked the look of the wooden one from mothercare/John lewis( East Coast something or other) but the seat unit looked a bit small and M is a big boy (14.5lbs a month ago at 12 weeks....) so I wonder how long it might last??

what do you have?


  • We have the Ikea Antilop and love it. So easy to wipe clean. But as you say it doesn't fold. Dexter has never got on with the folding/reclining type. Sorry that isn't much help to you as I know you said you want folding

  • Lol don't worry MS! We do have a breakfast bar in our kitchen but underneath it is full of stuff (wash basket, bins etc) so if I could find space to put these things then perhaps I could use the antilop as then it might slide for thought!

  • I only opened this because I was curious what a cighthair was! Now i'm here i'll answer properly ;)

    We have a chicco polly, it has a large tray that can be fitted one handed and can be tilted back (handy for post dinner naps). It does fold and you can also remove the legs to make it even smaller.

  • Oh dear PS I only just noticed my terrible spelling lololol my bad!

  • We have an antilop too and it's absolutely brilliant. My mum got a 2nd hand Chico one, which folded, but we ended up binning it as O absolutely hated it. Even on its most upright setting it seemed to be reclined to me. He kept trying to lean forwards and the harness wouldn't let him.

    It seemed really over complicated too in comparison to the antilop.

  • Antilop. We have no space for anything but this takes up no room at all. 2 people I know who went for other chair binned them and got the antilop. So easy to clean!

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