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Need a new travel system

Currently have a silver cross 3d that was given to me second hand by a friend and I hate it so am looking for something more suitable has anyone got any recommendations it needs to: 

Fold small (drive a corsa with a tiny boot)

Not to heavy or bulky

Preferably have a seat unit and car seat option, not too fussed about a carrycot happy to well pad the seat unit

Be sort of all terrain silver cross does not cope well with slightly bumpy pavements

Have looked at the graco evo mini and the mamas and Pappas urbo anyone had these or recommend similar, must be from birth


  • I can honestly say, i have LOVED my Bugaboo Bee - it folds super small, it's not too heavy, lies flat, does forward and rear facing but the best bit is it's so easy to maouver. I'e had my one for 6 years and used both kids in it, and it's been marvellous. it's defo a bit pricy but reckon you could get a second hand one for resonable money.

  • Thank you Mrsg14, how did you find the seat unit always looks a bit hard and unsupportive? How was it on slightly more bumpy terrain I.e. uneven pavements? Sorry for all the questions

  • I have nothing to compare the seat unit to, but i've always found it just great. Think it's come along way in the years since i've owned mine, so it's prob even better now.

    I think it's fab on pavements and the like - the only plae i've ever got stuck was in sand! But it's a smooth ride, soooo easy to push around, and one of the most compact buggies i've seen. Defo take one for a test drive, then hit ebay!

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