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What's the best stage car seat to buy?

Hi, I have looked at loads of car seats and I got a Maxi Cosi cabriolet when I bought my pushchair package. I bought a family fix Base for it however the regulations are coming in about rear facing for longer.

My little boy is now 7 1/2 months and very long and his legs seem scrunched up in the car seat when it's rear facing and I am a little concerned so looking at what the options are.  I've seen car seats from stages 0/1/2,  1/2, 2/3 etc but don't know what's best for him and also for the long run so I won't need to keep buying a new one nearly every year as he grows as they aren't cheap to buy.

Any suggestions appreciated.


  • I have car seats that are rear facing til age of 4. The child just hangs legs over sides or crosses them as their legs get bigger. I thought it was uncomfortable looking too but I did a bit of googling and spoke to friends and it seemed best and safest option so went with it. My daughter is now 17.5 months and still rear facing with no issues currently.  

  • Have a look at Joie i-Anchor i-Size, should keep your little one rear facing for up to 4 years! There are some reviews here on MFM, it is a lovely seat! Otherwise, my partner really liked the Cybex Sirona. Take care xx

  • Scrunched up legs are not a problem, my DD is 3 and is 99.6th centile for height, and she will happily sit rear facing with her legs bent/crossed. Personally I will keep my children rear facing for as long as possible as it is SO much safer! (Have a look on Google/YouTube for more info about extended rear facing seats if you want to find out more.)

    I haven't tried it myself, but Joie have a new seat called Joie Every Stage which rear faces until the child is about 4 (depending on size) then converts to a high back booster to last until the child is 12, that might be worth a look if you are wanting not to buy many more seats?

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