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Lidl-should I or shouldn't I?

Friends have been raving about Lidl for ages. I'm wondering whether I should venture to my nearest one? I saw they have a deluxe range- is it deluxe? is the meat and fish good quality? I wonder where it comes from because it seems like such low prices? Any advice welcome 


  • i'm a loyal Tesco customer but have a Lidl on my doorstep - their fresh produce like fruit and veg is really great quality (though bought some rubbish avocados there). Have to say i really didn't find their meat any cheaper than Tesco at all. Their bakery is lovely - great pastries and bread. But i couldn't do a full weekly shop there for many reasons - they don't stock everything. They are only cheaper on certain things at certain times (like when they have their offers on) and also, the checkouts are a massive pain in the bum too as the que is always so long and takes forever (they have so few checkouts). Not tried their deluxe range! Sorry.

  • I'm a loyal aldi shopper but I have been to Lidl and tbh found it the same as aldi good quality and cheap. The Lidl is a little far from me so I go to aldi as Ito closer :) 

  • I would give it a go. I shop there and it is best value for me. I do however think their premium range is way over priced, so I give that a miss

  • I really like Lidl. Offers good value for the price. I was never disappointed after shopping there. I love their section with fresh baking.

  • I really like Lidl, I just wish I had one closer to me!

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