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Bugaboo Bee Cocoon

Just brought a bee as it is the only pushchair that will fit in my car and am now debating getting the cocoon as the carrycot is so expensive. Does anyone have any experience of using it with a new born and is it definitely worth getting one?


  • I have the original 2009 Bugaboo and that only came with the cocoon which is like a fleecey liner for using with your newborn. We did use it for a few months, and kept it for our second child too - we never had the carrycot as it wasn't made then, but bear this in mind - you can use the carrycot around the house and if you have anther child, they'll get great use out of it too. Also, Bugaboos have a really good resell value so if you go on to sell the buggy in a few years, you won't lose loads and loads of money.

    Good choice on buggy!

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