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Scooters: have you bought one for your child? Which one did you choose? What did you think of it?


If you've bought (or are thinking of buying) a scooter for your child, we'd LOVE to hear all about it.

Which brand/model did you buy? And why did you choose it?

And, once you bought it, what did you (and your child) think of it?

Would you recommend the one you got to another parent? 

Please tell us your scooter-buying tips and advice, by adding a post to this thread: we'd really appreciate it! 



  • I bought my boys the lean to turn little tikes scooters and they are cheap but not very good. They don't adjust height wise so if your children grow quick then they don't last long. My boys never got on with them so they ended up being a waste of money which is such a shame! They have a little cheap chuggington one that has the one wheel at the front and two at the back that you steer by turning the handles and that's had a little more use. Maybe it's just my boys giving up too easily but lean to turn seem to complicate it more and not be very effective for steering!

  • Mine have Microscooters (I think they're the ones in your picture) and love them - though I often have to sprint to catch them up - and gawd help other people on the pavement when they're whizzing downhill - they must hate us! My tip would be get ones that fold up for when they don't want to scoot any more or when you're coming back from the school run- otherwise your ankles really get bashed about when you're holding them.

  • Hello Mummies, : ) 

    I brought my Son the Micro scooter. First I got him the little one from John Lewis I think for about £60 and then I brought him the bigger one (Handle bars can be adjusted by height) for about £100 

    I really recommend the micro scooters they seem to be all the rage down at the School an make for a very easy comfortable ride and do last!! 

    I can't find any pictures of my Son's scooters so I screenshotted some from the John Lewis website.. 

    Hope this helps !! 

    x x x 


  • Thanks Ive been after a scooter too, great advice!

  • We got our 5 year old her first scooter at Christmas.  The school have put up scooter racks and you can apply for a permit so you can leave the scooter locked up at school with the bicycles.

    I got a micro scooter from Amazon for £11 (in the sale) but they normally retail at £22, prior to Christmas prices were up and down on Amazon on a daily basis so I just kept waiting until the price was right.  

    She loves riding it to school and her balance is really good now. Where lots of her friends also take scooters to school, it seems the 'cool' thing to be doing.

  • We also bought Mini Micro Scooter from John Lewis and a matching helmet for our sons 2nd birthday, he has been loving it since and he's 3 years old now, it's definitely big enough to last him for another year or more! Would recommend it to anyone, very strong, lovely scooter! x

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