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Muslin Cotton sheets.. worth it? Or way too pricey?

Hi all! So I'm expecting pretty soon and wondering whether to buy some muslin cot sheets from Aiden and Anais... They are pretty expensive... around about £24 pound for one sheet. I understand the muslin as a square for swaddling and mopping up spills... but are cot sheets of the same material a waste of money?! there seem like some cheaper options which could be just as good.... Thoughts?


  • Hi Gemma.

    I would use brushed cotton sheets as are softer and not that cold like the usual bed sheets when putting baby to bed. And we also used those wet-bed sheets, like waterproof sheet for when kid wets the bed, but from birth. Passed the test while trying out different brand nappies, when baby vomit or posset(mine did a lot i.e.) The matteress would have been ruined, if not that, in the first six months of use :/ 

    Hope that helps.

  • Hello Gemma, first of all congratulations.   I find that with the muslin bed sheet they lost the softness after a few washes and with the sheet you'll be washing it a lot lol . Where as the brushed cotton ones are still lovely and soft. 

    Hope that helps xx

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