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Best cheap travel pushchair suitable for 2 month old

hello, we will be taking our little boy on holiday to Spain next month and he'll be just over 2 months. We have the Egg stroller but it's a bit big to travel and I don't want to risk it being damaged. I've been looking for an umbrella type pushchair that's compact and suitable from birth, I've found a few that are listed as from birth such as the Hauk Sport and Joie NItro but when reading the made for mums reviews they say that they aren't suitable as they don't lie fully flat. has anyone used one for a baby under 3 months or found a suitable alternative?I don't want to give much more than £50/60 as I plan to get a carrier but will need a pushchair too. Any advice appreciate! Thank you 


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    We have one called the cygnet wave... it is a little wider than a standard umbrella stroller when folded but the depth a would say is the same. It is sturdy, not too heavy, can be led completely flat for when baby needs to sleep etc & has a really decent size basket underneath. They are about £45-£50 new... I got mine off eBay second hand for £10! 

  • I've taken this one on several flights already & have had no issues with checking it in etc... size is fine for it to go as a checked bag

  • Thank you! I'll look at that one and I can find a second hand one, dontbwant to pay too much as I've got one already to use at home, thank you! 

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