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in car baby monitor?

Hi everyone, 

I came across this advert on my facebook advertising an in car monitor thats running on kickstarter,

Just wanted to know if there's anything similar already on the market as I don't want to wait till February for it, its hard having two young kids and driving them around especially as winters coming in!


  • Hi rreed, Hazelann here (MadeForMums Reviews Editor).

    This is a really interesting product, and having read through the kickstarter information I can see where Adam and Sarah felt compelled to create this product. 

    It can be anxious times when travelling with children in the car, especially if they are newborn.  

    We all want to keep an eye on our kids, it’s only natural.  However, driving is the one situation where we shouldn’t be distracted, especially by a mobile phone or smart device, even if it is a baby monitor.

    A substantial body of research shows that using a hand-held or hands-free mobile phone while driving is a significant distraction, and substantially increases the risk of the driver crashing.

    The kickstarter information does state that it’s for use only by the passenger in the car, which is certainly less distracting.  But this may not stop parents, who are out driving by themselves, from using it and, we at MadeForMums don’t think the risk of an in-car baby monitor distracting a driver is worth it.  

    Saying that ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) does recommend the following tips when driving with newborns and smaller babies:

    • Stay focused on driving safely. We know it’s very hard to hear your baby crying, however, they are probably crying because they are hungry or a little restless in their car seat.
    • If you think there is something urgently wrong with your baby, find a safe place to pull over and then tend to them. 
    • Try to keep you eyes on the road.  Try talking or singing with your child to maintain interaction, but you need to keep your eyes forward and on the road.
    • Don’t reach back into the back seat to check on children while the car is moving.

    For older children:

    • Establish a few basic ground rules for behaviour in the car, and make it clear that fighting is not allowed. 
    • Position one child in the front and another in the back, if that’s what it takes to prevent in-car hostilities. Remember that children under 12 will need an appropriate child car seat to sit up front. 
    • Remember too that any loose objects – toys, schoolbags, games consoles or books – can become high-speed missiles in an impact.

    We’ve got more information on what to do if you’re distracted by a toddler or older child while driving here:

    Really hope this helps


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