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Car seat compatible with ICandy peach

Hello, I hope you can help! were expecting our first baby in July and I’m just researching which car seat to buy. I hope that someone can give some advice :) 

Things we would like;

*fits with the icandy peach travel system 

*isofix base

I have found on the Icandy website a list of compatible car seats (maxi cosi pebble etc) but it looks like they’re all only for up to 12-15 months. 

do any newborn - aged 4 car seats fit with the icandy peach?! 

Thank you so much! There’s so many options and I’d love some advice from mums who have been there! 

emma :)


  • Maxi cosi carbo fix and peddle x

  • Hi, as far as I'm aware you won't find a car seat up to age 4 that fits a travel system.

    With the iCandy I'm sure if you buy a universal car seat adapter you can fit almost any car seat to it, and most have an in-car base nowadays.

    Up to 4 years old you'll want a convertible car seat but that can't go on your travel system, so it might be better to get a car seat adapter for your travel system while the baby is small, buy the car seat you want to go with it, and then later on get a harness booster seat which can last you throughout their whole childhood.

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