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I Candy Peach

Hi everyone,

Been looking at which pram to get and was wondering if anyone had the i candy peach.....

It says suitable from 6 months, is that just the stroller part? Would you have to get the carrycot too for a newborn?



  • ive got it, and only the car seat and carrycot is compatoble with newborn, and obv u cant use the carseat for long periods of time. x
  • i've got the peach on order for my baby which is due in september...the peach ticked all the boxes for us in terms of size/being lightweight/easy to use/put down/pull up etc.
    You will need to purchase the stroller system/frame which is usually around the ??500-555 mark depending on retailer and then purchase the carrycot separate which is around the ??155-??165 depending on retailer.

    If you have a car and need a car seat, only the maxi cosi cabri/pebble are compatible and you'll need the convertors if you wish to use it on the stroller frame and these are usually around ??30

    The carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping too which is handy if you wish to use it downstairs instead of a moses basket for daytime sleeps and i've been told most babies stop in the carrycot until 5-6mths on average. The stroller is reccomended for use from 6mth+

    It's worth ringing various retailers in your area for prices as they do vary although not typically by much. John lewis also stock and will pricematch to a local retailer if cheaper.

    hope that helps x xx
  • I've ordered this for our baby due in October. I LOVE it!!! We have purchased the carry cot to use until 6 months.x
  • Fab, thanks everyone!

    Really love it, think it might be the one for us too.

    I just hope baby doesnt grow too big for the carrycot before 6 months.

    Ive got my 20 week scan on 23June so hopefully will order then.

  • i have this too in sweet pea i fell in love with the colour and then found out i was having a boy so we bought it - its just sitting there all lonely until aug thou. mine was ??650 with the carry cot its really easy to fold down and put up and it looks lush xx
  • Ah, thats another thing, which colour to choose!

    We are not sure if we are finding out if boy or girl, would you say sweetpea is just for boys then?

  • the sweetpea is lush - i loved the colours of it but personally (and I know others who are team yellow and have gone for sweetpea) I just thought it was steered more towards a boy. But that really is a personal preference as I would have loved it!
    We went for blackjack because at least that way I can jazz up the pram/stroller with a funky bright blanket or toys once we know what we have on D-Day image)

  • Yeah, thats a good idea. Not sure if pink blankets etc would go with sweetpea. Blackjack is so nice too, love it.

    Thanks again.

  • I've gone for sweetpea, although we think we are having a boy, but I'm sure we would have gone for the same colour if we'd stayed on team yellow and just tried to make it more girly. I can't wait to use it!

    k 39 + 3
  • We've gone for the blackjack.. although its more a dark brown than black

    Personally we found the sweetpea too bright for us - although it does look fab and didnt like the tomato at all, but each to their own

    N 37+4
  • We've gone for the blackjack.. although its more a dark brown than black

    Personally we found the sweetpea too bright for us - although it does look fab and didnt like the tomato at all, but each to their own

    N 37+4
  • Hi ya
    we have the peach and its great and get so many compliments about it!Just so you know you dont have to stay to one colour way. We bought the sweetpea buggy cos our baby was born in december so by time we came to use pram it would be summer and its very summery, and bought the blackjack carrycot.
    I personally would use the sweetpea for a girl as think pink would go lovely with it!
    n x
  • Hi I have apple and just want to say if you are getting the compatable car seat then you may not need carry cot. My LO is 8 months but I only used carrycot for about 4 months and only then used it about twice. It does depend on where you live etc I generaly use the car for most outings so car seat was fine. If you walk everywhere then carrycot will be helpful.
    I was considering selling mine as I don';t think I'll use it that much for second either but its not worth much as loads are for sale for the apple.
    As my LO had good head control he used the normal seat facing me from 4 months plus the apple reclines flat I'm sure peach will be the same.
    Sorry to waffle but might help someone save some pennies
  • I've got the peach I candy double pushchair coming I have a maxi cosi car seat will this not fit on my pushchair??? Got the blackjack fell in love with the colour xx
  • I have a 1 year old girl and needed a new pram. I've had my eye on this one for ages and bought it in sweet pea..I love this colour!! and i honestly don't think this colour steers to one particular gender. Each to there own though. Pink and purple look so good against the colour.

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