mamas and papas nursery ranges

Hi all, I just wondered if anyone knows how long mamas and papas have their nursery ranges out for and when they change their ranges?

Thanx in advance if anyone knows.


  • Not sure how often they change their ranges,but their spring/summer catalouge came out about feb., (which had a new range) I was looking for a pram and wanted to know if they were getting different fabrics, I rang them and they were very helpful over the telephone. They told me which fabric they were keeping, but couldn't tell what new colours they were getting until the brouchure was released
  • i work in mamas and papas but left today for mat leave whhooo sorry! any way back to your question most of the time they just spring the new ranges on us! or some times they just make slight changes to the ranges that are already out! there is no set time and the stores most the time only find out a few weeks before!!
    they dont tend to change the ranges that often tho!
    i know medow is goin in the sale tomorrow and it was in the sale after christmas so we all think that will be the next one to go but head office havent told us any think yet!! hope that helps!
    ruth xxxx1
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