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What double pram would you recommend?

Hello ladies, I’m looking for some recommendations on a double pram il have a 17month old when my new baby is born in September and have no idea what double pram to get xx


  • i took my bestie to get a double pram about 8 weeks ago, and i reckon it's all about knowing if you want a side by side, or one that has one seat on top of the other. Cause you have a 17month old, you'll prob be better off with a tandem, so then you can just get a buggy board eventually and not have to haul a sidebyside everywhere. 

    have a look at icandy peach (that's what my bestie went for, looks lush) but if you're minted she loved the new Egg but it was about £1k! 

  • Check out Phil and Teds - they have loads of buggies that can be converted for one or two kids.

  • We've gone for the bugaboo donkey. It was the only one that ticked all the boxes for me but it depends what you want from your pram. Personally I preferred side by side but I also wanted the option of them being able to face me or forward face. I really liked the britax b-agile double but I couldn't imagine having my newborn not facing me. I think I'd be stopping every 2 mins to check on her :) 

    It is pretty wide but so far we've managed to fit through every doorway (some a pretty tight squeeze but we made it!). I have used it in single mode quite a few times too, when toddler is walking or if baby is in the sling and it's really easy and quick to convert.

    I do think I'll end up just using a buggy board but my little one is just under 18 months and still isn't quite ready for that yet I think. 

    Good luck choosing :) go and test some out if you get a chance! 

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