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Silvercross Wave: anyone got one?

Hello everyone, 

is there anyone that had Wave for some time? I really like it and it was one of the prams both me and DH loved on the first sight in JL, and the reviews I have read online have been all good apart from its weight and the fact it can be quite big. But I would like to know what real mums think about it after using it for few months, both carrycot pram and pushchair later on. 

Thank you in advance ladies :)


  • Hey

    i have the silver cross wave. Iv been using it for around a year now. 8 months of which as a double. I have to say I love it. It’s so beautiful and stylish. It is very heavy compared to many pushchairs but it definitely makes It very stable. The configurations are great. It just has so many uses. I do have a lightweight pushchair which I do use alongside for nipping places as I do find the wave in double mode too big and bulky to lift in and out of the car constantly. I guess it all depends on what your looking for from a pushchair. Any questions please ask away! 

  • Kay0502 thanks for your reply :)) I really appreciate it. I have my mind strongly set on wave now :) going to buy it in next few weeks :) I will only be using it as single so I believe that I should not have problem with the bulkyness... looking forward to our little girl in it in November 😍

    How do you feel about it on gravel/non-regular roads? It is supposed to have great suspension :) I did not read anything bad about it, just thought to ask if you have been using it for over a year :) as that is the only concern I might have, but due to the fact it is sturdy I believe it should not be “shaky” like other prams. 


  • Thats great. I hope you love it! 

    I have personally found that it handles all different terrains really well. Don’t get me wrong it’s not an all terrain pushchair so definitely struggles on a really rocky path but compared to many pushch it handles pretty well. The weight definitely helps it be more sturdy on irregular roads. I just love the fact that it’s so adaptable!

    All the best for your new arrival in November. 

  • :D haha, I do not plan to go climbing mountains with it so I should be safe :) it is just the fact that my mum has long gravel road as entry road and also my husband’s parents live sort of in the middle of nowhere so if I were to go for a walk somewhere in that area it will be fine :) Thanks :) 

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