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Does anyone know where i can buy bras in a GG or H cup?? I'm having a lot of trouble and my boobs are killing me!! I'm still wearing underwired bras as it's all i can find although i am 21 weeks and really need non-wired by now!!! image


  • Marks and Spencer non-wired support bras. They come in twin packs for ??20 and are really comfortable.
  • hi claire.. go to marks & spencer or debenhams and get measured properly and you'll be able to get one from there. there are a few website that do them... have a search on google and see what you can find. mothercare do them too... :\) I'm a 36 G now so will need the next size up for a nursing bra. I'm still in an underwired now (i'm 23 weeks now) and I'll keep wearing one all the way I am going to buy a nursing bra in a few weeks so I can wear that in bed and when I'm hanging about the house. I've seen my boobs in an underwire bra and it's not pretty, let me tell you! lol goodluck xx :\)
  • from mothercare ??12 for 1, and go up to size J. :\) I would say don't leave it til the last minute as chances are they'll have to order bigger sizes in which might take time.
  • thanks wenders but if you're planning to breastfeed i've read that it's really not good to wear underwired bras as it damages the milk flow or something. just to let you know. thanks for the infor i'm off to town today xxx
  • Oh yeah I know that already but tbh as long as you don't wear an underwired all day & night for support it's ok to wear them. just give your boobs enough rest & it's ok. when i was pregnant with daniel I wore a nursing bra towards the end more but around the middle of my pregnancy I wore an underwired. I tried the to wear a nursing bra but my boobs hurt more as they just wasn't supported enough.. hope you found one shopping.. xx :\)
  • Hiyaaa, No luck!! I went to Debenhams, M&S, Bhs...and thats all they got in Perth....No one is allowed boobs that are bigger than a G-cup!! Guna try Dundee tomorrow and if not then it's mail-order....Booooo!! (.)(.) Grrrrrr..... Will have to wear wires throughout!!!
  • hi i would try denners. i went a couple of weeks ago,finally got measured and found i was a J cup the bra i bought was ??23. hope this helps x
  • hi claire, I can't believe they didn't have them! I know for defintate theat m&s do them as I've seen them in local one... could they not order them in for you? don't forget the mothercare website (if you don't have a local store) they have them there. You can't beat ??12. I hate the fact that some websites/stores charge the earth of a bra just because you're a bigger size! good luck! x
  • if you have to go mail order go to as they do nursing and maternity in those sizes, unfortunatly i have the same problem even without being pregnant i can't find bra's anywhere but the ones from there are usually a very good fit (i've never had to send one back yet) good luck ......anita xx
  • Hi Wenders, Mothercare and M&S both told me that they only go up to a G-cup which is too small and Debenhams said they could oreder one in but it wouldn't be delivered til end march!! Hi Shell, I've never heard of Denners so will Google it in a bit and see what I get - I have resigned myself to buying online which I really didn't want to to as I prefer to get measured and try on etc but I have found quite a few sites now that go up to an L-cup! Thanks to all the advice girlies and wish you all the best in your pregnancies. Claire xxx
  • hope you don't have to wait to long for delivery.. xx :\)
  • Same here wend! My baps are killing me!! lol xx
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