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Car seat help!

Hi everyone, new to this site but have heard about it for a while so thought I’d post for some help regarding car seats!

I have been looking at the Joie Every Stage car seat as I think it will last a while and does the jobs I want and need it to do which are a) it doesn’t require isofix points as my car doesn’t have them and b) keeps my child rear facing for up to 4 years old! However, I can’t seem to find anywhere online about the safety side and crash testing results etc for this particular car seat… I was wondering if anyone else had this information or could recommend a different car seat which isn’t overly expensive so definitely no more than £200. image

I’d appreciate any kind of information and/or advice! I have a bit of time as my little one isn’t needing a new car seat just yet but like to be prepared and think ahead of time so that I’m ready for when that time comes… Plus, if I manage to get the car seat in a sale at some point, that’s just a bonus!

Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for any replies!

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