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Nursery Advice needed

Hi Ladies

Could you please give me your advice/experiences.

I have been looking at nursery furniture and I have a few questions, have you bought matching sets ie cot dresser and wardrobes? The sets seem so expensive was wondering whether or not to get a cot bed and then wardrobe and draws from somewhere like ikea but then it won't all match??? Then theres the cot changer have you got a unit, a top changer to put on draws or a top changer to put on the cot. I have been looking at the draws and cot top ones but not sure if the cot top ones are sturdy enough. So many questions sorry.

Advise words of wisdom greatly appreciated

Annette :\?


  • Bloomin BE just ate my reply!!!!

    Try again.....

    We have been offered a cot and cotbed by friends/family but don't know what either look like so not yet sure on colour etc...we will be buying a new mattress though whatever and using a moses basket initially.

    You can get matching stuff from Ikea but sold seperately, I like the lesvik range which has a cot, changing table, wardrobe etc... and is not too expensive. Just watch when buying a cot that you can alter the mattress height as on some cheaper cots you can't and it is better for newborns to be higher up so you can reach etc...also I have a bad back!

    Have a look in some of the pregnancy mags as they often do comparrisons on nursery furniture and this will give you a better idea what to look for.

    Sazzle xx
  • personally annette i have been looking at matching stuff.... have seen a cot bed, drawers and wardrobe by mamas and papas for ??500. i though that was quite reasonable! hubby wants everything in pine so it fits the bill! u can also buy a matching drawer for under the cot and a changer that sits on top of the drawers!

    me.... im a freak wen it comes to matching things.... but sometimes it looks lovely with things that dont match....suppose it depends on the rest of ur home and personality!

    sorry havent really helped much have i?

    louise xxx
  • Thanks for replies

    Mrs Amanda soo happy for you congratulations xxxx
  • Hi, as a mum of 2, 18nths and 5mnths i would say it really doesnt matter if you have matching furniture or not. 1st time round!but i understand that when we are pregnant we need things! LOL! I know i did first time round.
    In my opinion cot top chngers and top changers for drawers, are a waste of time and money, they mark your furniture and you will prob never use it (we didnt) we change our lo's nappys on a changing mat on the floor in the living room our on our bed if upstairs.
    Cot wise... if you have room a cot bed is prob a better buy, make sure it has a height adjustable base as once lo can stand up they may fall out (mine did) also make sure it has teething rails... my dd's cot bed didnt and she ate parts of it when teething!
    Argos have M&P stuff cheaper than mama's and papa's and mothercare and babies are us have some massive sales on... check out best buys for some online discount codes.
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