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Snuzpod 3

Hi All,

I have been doing lots of research on which Cot bed to buy - and was stuck between the Snuzpod 3, Chicco Next to me and the cozee bambini bedside crib. Would be interesting to hear any of your feedback on these products on here?. Anyway I think I have decided on the Snuzpod 3 - the one thing that I was struggling with was the £200 price tag - I managed to find it for £159 including free delivery on - a website I hadn't heard of before but basically they do a bulk deal if they can get enough people to purchase the item (a bit like groupon i guess?)

Anyway having looked up on the website on trust pilot and seeing its legit I have placed my order and thought I would share with anyone who is looking to buy a bedside crib and anyone who is interested in the Snuzpod 3 :) 

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