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To double pram or not?

ice recently found out I’m pregnant and I’ve been unsure weather to invest ina double buddy one toddler side and one new born I don’t want one which is one on top of the other either! My DS is going to be 2yrs 3 months when baby arrives and he’s very active hates the buddy would rather walk now and I’m not sure if it’s going to used a few times and not worth it. Help!! 


  • My ages are different  9 months and 2 now.. 

    I got city mini double and just got cleva mama baby insert for it so used from birth but it bit heavy now bigger they get i live up hills and have sore back :(.. 

    Im debating getting just a little double stroller or single with board at back as my son is starting to walk way more and not liking buggy only wants in if he naps which he growing out of too. 

    I regert not getting the cupla duo as in transforms to single just has no money at time. 

    I really think it depends on your kids. Oh i went second hand too for by double would recommend it if your going to go double. 

    I know this might not have helped but hop u got few pointers  and best luck 

  • I didn't bother with my 2.

    My 1st was 2 years 7 months when my 2nd was born and very active though I was still using the buggy for longer trips. We decided to get a carrier so for shorter trips number 1 would walk and 2 could use the buggy and longer trips 1 could be in the buggy and 2 in the carrier, however in the end 1 walks everywhere now and only very, very rarely goes in the buggy. Still use the carrier on occasion but usually when we don't take the buggy and are just going for a walk etc. 

    Works for us and means not having to find the space for a double and feels a bit easier getting out and about. X

  • Hey congratulations.. I would say just a single buggy board 

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