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Clarks School shoe rant

My son wears the tizz folly bl flats even though he is a boy and I'm fuming with clarks as they hurt his feet and fall of his feet when he is walking in them and they are not water proof very disappointed in clarks. Clarks boys shoes compared to the girls ones look more suitable for school and girls ones don't 


  • What should I do as I can't afford to but him new shoes

  • Take them back and complain..... surely they will do something, esp if you have your receipt...... stand your ground though, don't be fobbed off. 

  • Thanks I might do that to help my son

  • I've actually just googled the shoes, you state they fall off his feet, maybe because they're ballerina type shoes and you should have checked before wearing them that they're a good fit, the person who fitted these shoes for your son would have advised you they're not a good fit. Secondly, of course they're not waterproof, only half the foot is covered, that is your responsibility as a parent to decide these things when buying shoes. Lastly why did you not just buy him the better boys shoes, as I agree the Clarke's boys shoes are so much sturdier and weather proof than the girls..... 

    I'm actually thinking this question was a wind up.......

  • I promise it's not a wind up and he prefers how girls ones look and refuses to wear boy shoes 

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