What’s the best baby bottles

what’s the best baby bottles out there I used Avent with my first child just don’t no weather to stick with this? I have been looking at Tommee Tippee but I didn’t think they were very good I have heard they leak all the time please help 


  • I always used MAM bottles as they're meant to be anti-colic, but my second baby had terrible colic, so not sure they worked! My friends swore by Dr Brown's bottles so i'd give them a go. 

  • I used mam and hated them they gave my boy bad reflux and he refused them, my daughter dident like them either ( I think it’s due to the weird shape) ive always used nuby after and found them to be good :) used tommee tippee with my first had no issues with them either. So Im planning to use nuby or tommee tippee again this time. I personally think It’s personal choice I’ve heard dr browns are good too. 

  • i think you're right Nay, it really and truly is what your baby prefers. I've heard good stuff about the Nuby bottles too. 

  • Tommee Tippee is a good choice. You also see Comotomo and Dr. Brown's Original Baby Bottles in this regard. 

  • Dr browns are abit of a pain for leaking but the benefits massively outway the draw backs great anticolic bottles 

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