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What’s the best baby bottles

what’s the best baby bottles out there I used Avent with my first child just don’t no weather to stick with this? I have been looking at Tommee Tippee but I didn’t think they were very good I have heard they leak all the time please help 


  • I always used MAM bottles as they're meant to be anti-colic, but my second baby had terrible colic, so not sure they worked! My friends swore by Dr Brown's bottles so i'd give them a go. 

  • I used mam and hated them they gave my boy bad reflux and he refused them, my daughter dident like them either ( I think it’s due to the weird shape) ive always used nuby after and found them to be good :) used tommee tippee with my first had no issues with them either. So Im planning to use nuby or tommee tippee again this time. I personally think It’s personal choice I’ve heard dr browns are good too. 

  • i think you're right Nay, it really and truly is what your baby prefers. I've heard good stuff about the Nuby bottles too. 

  • Tommee Tippee is a good choice. You also see Comotomo and Dr. Brown's Original Baby Bottles in this regard. 

  • Dr browns are abit of a pain for leaking but the benefits massively outway the draw backs great anticolic bottles 

  • We exclusively used the glass Avent bottles and loved them. They were very easy to clean, and the wide mouth makes them really easy to pour breastmilk or mix formula in. They’re also very sturdy. We’ve dropped them a few times from a standing position onto hardwood floor and they never so much as cracked.
  • We really liked Mam but the teats are very fast due to the air inlet at the bottom so go one slower than you usually would. I bought number 3 teats and we actually never used them.
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