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Recommendable Bikini Trimmers for Mums

Hi Mums, Newbie here. I'm really a beach enthusiast ever since when I was young way back in Sydney. We really love going to the beach up until now with my own family. We try to travel the best beaches in Asia last time it was in Boracay Philippines, such a beautiful haven. Well, I wear a lot of bikinis so I'm looking for a hypoallergenic and safe trimmer.  :D
I've been using some ruby shavers, and it really causes some irritations and humps. I've heard Remington and Philips are great based on reviews ( Any personal experience on these?  :#


  • I usually get a full wax. I can’t stand razor bumps. I just like being clean and smooth :) plus hubby likes it too. I haven’t had much experience with ruby shavers :-/ I just recommend the waxing once in a while. Have you ever waxed before ? 
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