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Reusable nappies help

Hi! Does anyone here uses reusable nappies? We are using little lamb one size reusable nappies and I had no problems with them up until now. They keep leaking from the right leg they dont leak from anywhere else i tried adjusting the sizes but it didnt seem to do anything i added extra booster but that didnt do anything either. The boosters are soaked at the front but dry at the back so i dont think she needs them changed more often especially because they can even leak 5 minutes after the nappy change. Does anyone know why that is? I really love these nappies but this is very frustrating 😣


  • Hi, I used a couple of different types with my daughter, due to leaking (it seems girls leak more than boys?). I tried tots bots and bummis, and one other that I can’t remember the name of. For me the bummis didn’t work at all but the tots bots ‘bamboozle’ worked pretty well, because the size could be adjusted as she grew. 
    Hope this helps!
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