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Which buggy - the Silver Cross Wave or iCandy Orange

Natalie24Natalie24 Regular
edited Jun 20, 2020 10:19AM in Products & best buys
Hi I am looking at a new pram and I’ve got two in mind. I’m thinking about the silver cross wave double and the Icandy orange. Which one would you recommend. Thank you 


  • Hi @Natalie24 we think it depends on your needs for a double - so is it for a toddler and a baby or twins? We have an article here about the best double buggies and another one here which is slightly older. 
    We also have this review of the Wave.
    We have had both of these buggies on the buggy testing track at The Baby Show, and while both of these buggies feel on the heavier side (particularly the Wave), the Orange does has have a ride on board, which means a toddler can stand on the back comfortably. 
    Hopefully these articles might help while we wait for more replies to this thread.  

  • Hi it is for a toddler and a baby. Thank you so much for replying to me. I’ve heard the silver cross wave is abit long and hard to move round some shops. There is a lot of good things about the orange which is making me want that one. 
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