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crappy raincovers grrrr, new stroller?

i have a maclaren and my son has just demolished its THIRD raincover :cry: and i am quite frankly sick of buying them! i am not going to bother buying another as without a doubt he would brake that too.

so ladies i am looking for a stroller that isnt to expensive, nothing over ??150 (this will be my fifth :roll: ) with a roomy raincover that wont split when kicked (or is that impossible?) before i spend the equivelent of the countrys debt on replacing them!

so please help before i duck tape my los legs to the footrest :roll:


  • noooooooooo!

    i just bought the zia on ebay thinking it looked better, god i am sooooo kicking myself now lol grrrrr
  • oh is that the one with bar like things holding it out? cause thats the one that comes with it. i do love the look of the zias i got it in moonbeam its really nice x
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