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Anyone have the silvercross pop?

Is it worth buying?

I am in total debate over strollers at the minute....dont want to regret my purchase again like I did with the Loola x


  • I have it and on the whole I like it. Little things like the cupholder and the little zippy pouch tha t I can keep a sunhat or tissues in I like. I also like the adjustable thing for the feet so when lo is small they can have their feet up - although my lo is 2 now and he still likes it up. The basket isn't huge but its not a big deal for me

    The things I don't like are that the footmuff wasn't great this winter now my lo is 2, if you unzip it then it drags on the floor and its a bit long if it slips down - but then again it doesn't come with the pop so you could get a different one. The rain cover isn't long enough to cover a bigger kids feet but then again I've noticed that with a lot of raincovers. The foot rest isn't in a good position for a bigger kids feet I don't think but it doesn't bother us as my lo likes to have his feet up.

    Its light and goes up and down easy, the seat bit comes off to wash, as does the basket, easily manouverable, doesn't take up much space etc etc.

    fortunately I registered for the extra years guarantee cause in the last 4 months I've had to send the buggy back for repair twice. I'm not 100% sure whether its the fault of the buggy or just bad luck cause the pavements round here are rubbish whcih I don't think helps. I have to say silver cross's customer service is fantastic - the first time I had the wheels fixed they collected on a monday and had it back by the thursday (and they sent me a free extra rain cover when I mentioned mine was a bit broken) and the second time I rang on the tuesday, it was collected on the wednesday and I had it back on the friday.

  • my friend got one and wished she hadn't! but then she still love the siver cross linear pram we both had and i don't.
    sorry not much help there. best advice i could give is try it out in a shop, or if you see someone with it in street ask their oppinion, i did a few times and just like me the other mums loved talking up (or down!) their purchases!! LOL
  • Thanks ladies - it is such a hard to Mothercare to try them all out I think.

    however I did this with my Loola and still hate the blimming thing (but at least now I know what I am looking for in something now I have the baby haha)
  • I have one and like it - I agree with everything kia says and wouldnt buy the cosy toes if doing it again - I'd get a buggy snuggle instead.
    I used mine from baby was 2 weeks old and she's now 2 - I've used it just about every day and had no problems.
    I did find when baby was tiny that the position of the straps made them rub the side of her face a bit - Silver cross sent me some strap pads to put on (like the ones you get on car seats). I really like the straps and fastening now she's older - she can't undo the clip!!
  • I have it and do really like it. Only issue is i use it as my only buggy and have done for a year so now its looking pretty battered. Think I might have overused it a bit! It's still here and surviving, just the wheels look a little worse for wear but still works perfectly!
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