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TT Explora cups

does anyone use the TT Explora Active straw/sport or sipper cups?
I want a more grown up cup for Carrie (20mths) but want it to be as free flow as possible - no valves.
Any recommendations?

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  • Both my 2 use them (15mths and 3) and we love them. They do have a valve but it's a really good one, it stops them spilling but they don't have to do anything apart from suck to get the liquid out. We didn't like the one with the hard spout much as they had to tip it right up to drink out of it, but they both seem to like the one with the flip up straw, and the one from 24mths with the hole in the side.
  • hiya... we had the sippy one for our daughter when she was about 21/22 months and didnt really get on with it tbh! the cup looks a good size (esp for my little one who drinks lots) but they only have a smaller compartment inside it that actually holds the drink.. so we were disappointed with it in that respect.. i understand its to keep the drink cool but it was just disappinting really.. also ours leaked but i dont know if we are just generally unlucky with cups! lol sorry but i just wanted to give my experience x
  • I think the new TT explora range is great. My dd is 21 months and uses both the flip up straw one and the sippy one and she gets on really well with them. I particularly like the straw one when we are out and about because the bit she is drinking from closes away which I feel is more hygenic and she can easily use it in her pushchair and still see what is going on (if that makes sense!).
  • Thanks for replies - I've got the straw one to try first - I didnt want to repeat the first cup scenario of buying cups and not being able to use them because of the valves!
  • Even on the Sippy Style ones you could take the valve out if you wanted to.
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