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what do you give for breakfast?

daisy is really fussy with food she eats like a bird. from 6 months i have given her half a weetabix with 1 1/2 oz milk and cube pear puree to sweeten. she would never eat the baby cereals or ready break. im struggling to get her to take half this now. do you think she could go off it? are there any other cereals that are good for them? she is 12 months. also read you give them dried cereals as finger foods which ones are good for this? dont really want to give her egg for brekkie as this is one of the foods she will eat so she has one every day for lunch or tea.


  • Charlotte has a little handful of Oat Cherrios to munch on first. I don't like to give her too many cos they are sugary but she likes crunching things!
    I then give her half a slice of buttered toast and then a small bowl of Ready Brek or sometimes Weetabix. She also has 4oz of milk to drink.
    Have you tried Ready Brek mixed with fruit puree?
    Cow & Gate do a baby muesli from 12 months. It's expensive to buy but it may be worth a try.
    What about toast, have you tried her with that maybe with a smear of fruit puree on it (so it's a bit like marmalade/jam but not sugary)?
    Could you not give her an egg for lunch and move it to brekkie and do scrambled egg on toast?
    Hayley x

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  • Ellie still eats her baby cereal for breakfast and eats almost half a packet in one sitting so its costing teh earth but she wont touch weetabix but i dont blame her cause its rank. She loves coco-pops but knows she is only allowed this once a week on Saturday mornings cause her daddy gives them to her. Have you tried sugar free jam and toast or lemon curd on toast? sounds gross but Ellie loves this and i always make sure and give her the diabetic kind as no sugar cause she would just lick the jam off the bread if i didnt!!! LOL
  • i give lennon cherios (sp),ready break,shreddies and weetabix small ones with the added fruit,most are just dry but i make the weetabix soggy,he also loves toast and crumpets with honey or apricot jam,for a while tho i would struggle to get him to eat breakfast,he gets a beaker if milk on the side but hes not a huge milk fan and i have to hide any other drink or it gets ignored lol
  • We do weetabix although he's been poorly recently and ready brek went down a treat. We sometimes have toast and he occasionally has a few milk soaked raisin splits to suck on or just plain raisins.
  • Alex has a milk & soya intolerance & an oat allergy so we are limited as to what he can eat. He loves toast with butter (ok, marg lol) and sometimes likes a slice of ham on the toast like his big sister has. He also loves rusks (2) crushed up & mixed with fruit puree!
  • Hi westbrom,

    here is a few things Felissia will eat
    toast with most things but she loves honey!
    readybrek (when daddy makes it she gets a bit of honey into too)
    shreddies with warm milk
    cheese and bacon omlette although i like to keep this for lunch really

    Felissia will eat most things but when i come across a food she has a problem with I just put it on her plate evryday for a couple of weeks say nothing and eventually she'll get used to it. Of course this is easier with finger foods we had a problem with tomatoes cucumber and gurkins and one point but now she'll eat them happily

  • Lexi loves her weetabix, porridge, toast with butter/jam and also fresh fruit. She is really quite good with brekkie, although wants to be more independant now and verging on not wanting spoon fed anymore, this will be fun ! I need to start making it a bit more varied so she does not get bored! So thanks for the post these suggestiong are fab!

    Rosegin, sorry don't want to but in but I think I read somewhere that your not supposed to give them honey, not sure why or until what age, but maybe worth checking huni x
  • Honey is fine from a year old. Poppy has it with lemon and hot water when she has a cough.
  • Oh that's cool then, please just ignore me ha !x
  • Better to be safe than sorry though and check!!
  • yeah its a year i started at about 11 months bit naughty but i figured could 4 weeks make that much difference xx
  • Paul has 7oz milk and weetabix or ready breck and sometimes a bit of toast with marmite, jam or honey but he went through a stage where he wouldn't touch ready breck and only a bit of weetabix, but i think it was spoon feeds in general, he wanted a bit more controll so I gave him dry cheerios or sugar puffs and he loved it

    he's gone back to spoon feeds now after much persistance but i think a change is good for them. he doesn't really like cheerios or shugar puffs anymore

  • Kara has either readybrek, porridge or Rice Krispies. She loves Golden Syrup porridge. Rice Krispies take so long to eat but she enjoys them.
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