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HELP!! Stroller recommendations (also in baby)

Im really struggling to find a stroller i like. Im getting serious stroller anger as everytime i find one i like i find bad reviews. Now i know you'll always find people who dont like things or had issues, but it seriously is more bad than good!!

We need one to be fairly lightweight as want to take abroad this May. It therefore really needs to be umbrella fold or similar.We want it to recline so LO can sleep in it if were out and about and hubby really wants it to have some form of blue in it for our son (he just has a black pushchair!) We dont want to spend more than ??120ish.

I really like the petitie zia star, but i seem to find really bad reviews on it. Hubby isnt sure as he thinks its heavy?!? According to the spec it seems to be one of the leightest so i cant understand why he thinks that!!
Im also worried as the lightweight ones always seem to have reviews that say there so lightweight you cant hang a changing bag on the handles, which obviously id need to do. So do i go for ultra lightweight or something a little heavier so i can hang bag on back?!?!


  • I have the peite star zia and it is fantastic!
    So light I can hold shopping and lo (18 months) and put it down and into the car all at the same time!
    It is so easy to put up and down and we bought the carry case and took it to Spain last year and it was so easy to carry and transport.

    It feels very sturdy and I aways hang things on it.
    If you have LOADS on it, it will tip if lo is out of it but never had a problem while she's in it.
    It reclines right back when you need it to and lo spent hours asleep in there in the evenings on holidays when we went out.

    I had the quinny buzz before and far prefer this one!

    The only two downsides:
    Lo loves to sit upright at the moment and she leans forward and holds onto the sides to see what is going on. She doesn't mind this but I did want to get her one where she is a little more upright but in all honesty they all seem the same so i can't!

    The handles are quite low and can't be adjusted. My hubbie is 5'9" and says they are a little short but he copes as does my 5'10" sister!
    I find it perfect at 5'4"! My Dad also copes pushing it though and he is 6'1"!

    Definitely recommend it. x
  • I have a 2 year old and we got the Zia and I love it!
    For me the only downside is the handle height but as I am not that tall it is fine.
    It folds well and I can push it and hold dd's hand when she wants to walk.
    Got it as we were going on holiday and other pushcahir took up all the boot space unlike the Zia.
  • Thanks so much for your help. We've been out today to have another play with them. Found the silver cross pop which we liked, but also found the bruin zia star, which is the same as petite zia star except its made specifically for babies r us. When we compared it with the normal zia star, we noticed it had a bigger and better positioned basket and you can adjust the handle height (not a lot, but you can!) It also comes with a footmuff, although were not that bothered about this, only problem is its ??149!!! Ive searched for reviews and since seen someone paid ??129 for it in Jan!! How annoying.....surely they cant have added ??30 to it within 1 month!??

    Argh...wish i could get it a bit cheaper.....we would have paid ??129 for it, but ??149 just seems a bit steep. I cant find any discount codes for babies r us either!! x
  • I have a Costatto easy light stroller that I got from Smyths toys with foot muff & rain cover for ??89 & it is fantastic!

    I have a bugaboo cameleon & in my opinion the costatto light is as good as the bug. It reclines right back, so light & easy to push & really snug with the footmuff. I think & places like that do it as well you might get some discount.

    Not a fan of the zia star at all my friend had it & we all hated it she's just got a chicco not even 10 months after paying ??150 for the zia star xxx
  • I'm in desparate need of a new stroller as I live in a flat and dragging my current pram (graco) up 2 flights of stairs, countless times a day is absoulutely knackering my back!
    I'm tempted to buy the quicksmart easy fold stroller as it's supposed to be extremely lightweight.I don't know whether to buy it though as there are mixed reviews about it. Anybody have one?!
  • We have the M&P Pramette for our LO and recently bought the Chicco London Winter Stroller for ??60 which came with a footmuff and rain cover. It also reclines and is light weight to push. I have never had a problem with it tipping over with things on the back and LO in it, or with the handle height (I am 5ft 8). The only time it has tipped over is when I have left heavy bags on the back and taken LO out! Lightweight and easy to fold down. Sturdy as well.
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