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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Anyone got one, inc the police car one with the noises?

Charlotte is obsessed with cars - practically anything with wheels really. Took her to soft play on Monday and she played for ages in the ones there, and loves the one at her nursery. Was going to get her a kitchen but think a coupe would be played with a lot more.

Any opinions on them pls (hardwearing, value for money etc).

Thanks xx


  • I bought one for Poppy's in July and although it got used a lot in the first couple of weeks it's pretty much untouched now and rarely gets played with. It's inside at the moment so she has plenty of opportunity but is more interested in her tea set and hostess trolly! She too was obsessed with them and I could never get her out of the one in Mothercare but just isn't that interested now.
    They are very hard wearing although the decorative stickers come off easily but that's not the end of the world!
    All kids are different but Poppy would play with the kitchen far more!
  • Kids are so fickle aren't they?! I just know that lo wont play with a kitchen. At toddlers she goes straight to all the rides ons too and just stays on them - she loves a quad bike they have there (obvioulsy no engine lol just a puch along).
  • Pops always does that, she loves our friends battery powered quad bike and the cozy coupe at the child minders too but since having one at home she's just not interested!
    Good value though and hard wearing so get buying!!
  • We picked a cozy coupe up on ebay for about a tenner i think, just for nanny's garden (has a perfect racetrack path) when he's older.

    We have a pushalong quad bike in the loft ready too but that came from woolworths before they closed.

    Fingers crossed my son doesn't want a kitchen now!
  • I got one for Pepi when she was 18 months old( she is the same age as Charlotte) and it was the best buy ever.She loves it.So much it actually stores in our living room,she would not bear to leave it outside.She plays with it daily,pushes it around,climbs all over it,watches tv in it,cleans it with wipes and of couese rides it outside.She pretend fills it with petrol and packs the boot with stuff she finds out like leaves or conkers.I checked with a nursery before buynig,and they said all the 2 to 3 year olds are allways fighting for it.We bought Princess Cousy Coupe FROM tesco as it was only ??40 as opposed of ??65 EVERYWHERE else.
  • regarding the stickers,I read a lot of bad rewiews about them,but since we keep ours indoors with no rain or direct sunshine,we did not have any problems.They stuck on firmly and she was not able to pull thedm off,and she is a sticker maniac.
  • By the way,have you seen Wow cars? They are not ride ons but normal play cars,but if Charlotte likes cars,u might want to look at them.These are Pepis favourite toys and she also has an airplane and the helicopter from the range and adores it.At the moment u can get them very cheep from Amazon Superstore,but only their own superstore as other sellers sell at higher price.Even if not in stock if u order they will send within a week.
  • my mums just bought one for daisy much to lees disgust he thinks they are ugly looking!!! But i cant get her out of it at toys r us. my friend has 2 for her kids as they play with them every day.
  • We have just put one together for Tegans 2nd birthday (tomorrow...well today now i guess). Shes never been in one but both me and my oh loved playing with them when we were younger so we had to get her one. will report back how it goes, im hoping she likes it!
    If you do get one id recommend getting someone to build it for you, i thought it was a nightmare to assemble but maybe thats just me?

  • Not had any experience of these myself but saw that Amazon are selling them for ??29.50 delivered at the mo which sounds like a bargain to me!
  • We got Rhys one for Xmas as he LOVES playing with the one at my Nanas. She's had it there for 9 years now and it's been used by 3 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren and apart from the colour fading a little due to being kept in the garden there is nothing wrong with it so def hardwearing.
    We also got ours (just the normal red one) at a bargain from Asda for only ??19!!!!
  • Oooh thanks - will check Amazon & Asda out!
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