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Phil & Teds pram


I just wanted some honest reviews about the Phil and Teds pushchair/double system. I am pregnant with my second baby and my lo will be 21 months when the baby is born. She is a confident walker at the moment but will still need to use a pushchair occasionally when the baby is born. I was looking at the Phil and Teds pushchair as it can be converted back into a single pushchair and isn't as bulky as most double pushchairs. My only concern is that the Cacoon will be quite close to the ground when it's put at the bottom and there isn't alot of room for an older child in the bottom when the second seat is in place. Does any one have one? What do you think of it? Is it worth the money?



  • Hi, I don't have one myself but my best friend does and she loves it. A group of her friends were all pregnant together and lots of them decided on this brand. They all use it in different ways, as they have different aged older children, and everybody says they have no regrets buying them. When i get lucky with no 2 i'll definitely be treating myself to one. Sorry no specifics for you, but they are highly recommended!
  • Hi, I have a phil & teds and love it. My no 2 daughter had just turned 2 when no 3 came along and whilst she liked to walk wasn't particularly fast especially on the school run. We decided against the conventional double buggies as we hoped that she would walk more so felt that they would be a waste of money.
    The cocoon is fantastic and is not too close to the ground at all, my lo has outgrown hers now unfortunately! I agree that it isn't easy to get in & out of lower seat but it is the younger child that sits in the back, either in the cocoon or the actual seat, never the older child. Ebay do some reasonably priced second hand ones.
    I've had several buggies and this has been the best. Hope that has helped.
  • I have one, and I sincerely love it. It is so easy to use. It pushes so nicely and manouvers so well. It is so nice to use. The seats work well, it's hard to see in pictures how much room there actually is for a tiny person to fit into. M

    My only, and this is very small, complaint is there isn't much shopping space. However this is hands down the best pushchair I have used.
  • I have one too & love it. I didnt find the cocoon too close to the ground, the only thing I would say is Zara is quite a long baby & outgreww the cocoon at 3 months though I wouldnt have done without it for the 1st few months either, especially her being a winter baby. Shes now in the bottom seat (its the younger child that sits in it) & seems very content in it. I actually bought her a tiny love toy arch that she can play with & it fits perfectly onto the frame.

    It definately the best buggy I've used by far & I would say worth every penny

    Good Luck
    Hilary x
  • Hi i havent got a phil and teds myself, but was looking at it when i bought my pram (i will have a new born and a 22 month old) we decided on icandi pear pram. I think its alot more versitile as you can your kids facing both ways, it converts into a single, has attachable car seat so you dont have to wake baby up when out in the car, has attachable carry cot instead of seat if your just going for a walk ect ect.... Anyway i wont go into any more details the links below to have a look.

    Mine cost me ??650 but that was including the maxi cosi car seat and adapter that fits in the car. The actual pram is on sale for ??419.00,which includes 2 seats which are interchangable,carry cot, rain cover, footmuff and a few more bits i think anyway i hope you like it x
  • Just to let you know you can actually attach a maxi cosi car seat to the Phil and Ted's as well. Like speckle I will also have a newborn and 22 month old but I am still thinking! I have been picking my lil sis brain (she works in a nursery shop) and she says that the Phil and Ted's is lighter than the I-candy and takes up less room in car boot, but like speckle says the i-candy can face both ways and has a proper carry cot. I think I need to go and play!!
  • I have a friend who has one and thinks its fantastic especially on off road walks as its got good suspension. It also folds quite small for the car.
    I would be considering it if no 2 ever happens!!
    She did comment though that occasionally she has knocked her shins on it (too long a stride!!)
  • i am due in june and am waiting on the new phil and ted vibe pram...cant wait!
    my daughter will be 18mths so will need 2 sit down for walks and shopping etc, its similar 2 the sport style but you can fold down the pram with the back seat still attached, its lighter and the front seat can lye a bit flatter if the older child wants 2 sleep. i have seen so many double prams whilst shopping and they always look so bulky in the shops, around the trafford centre (manchester) you will see it in every colour! they r so popular they must be good! x
  • Its fab! I bought one when I was expecting my daughter, as my son was 25mths when she was born but we very often go on very long walks with the dogs, and he gets tired.

    1 very light to get in and out of the car,
    2 easy to fold and put up (strap to secure it when folded)
    3 very easy to adjust it to all the different combinations
    4 plenty of room in the seats for lo's (it says 5yrs and I can believe it!)
    5 cosy toes is very roomy and cosy
    6 no bigger than a single buggy even with the second seat in place (in fact its lighter than the single buggy I had with my son!)
    7 good on smooth and rough ground
    8 easy to manouver(spl?)
    9 and of course, the truly fantastic fact that you dont need to buy a single buggy when your toddler no longer needs a ride, and if you buy it for your first child, you only need to buy a second seat when number 2 comes along!

    1 extra seat does not recline (tho I think it does on the new models)
    2 not much room in the shopping tray (no room at all with a toddler in the second seat! Solved this by buying the panier bags)
    3 The double raincover is a bit 'baggy' when buggy is in single mode (I bought velcro strips and put a bit of extra velcro further in the back panel, so I can adjust it between modes, saved buying another cover)
    4 There is a car seat available, but buggy cant accommodate a toddler if you use it as a travel system.
    5 did have a bit of a problem getting the front wheel to stay on 'swivel', but seem to have figured that out now.

    I highly recommend them. xx ( if you do decide to get one, shop around on the net as I saved about ??150 on the shop price when I bought the buggy, second seat, cosytoes and raincover)
  • Hi Hillary
    I know its a bit late but just looking at the p&t now..Did you get the arch for the baby at the bottom of the buggy - which one fits or do you just use hanging toys? thanks
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