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Phil & Ted Owners (Cocoon)


Just wondering what owners of the p&t sport did when there babies out grew the cocoon but were no where near 6 months? My DD2 is now 11 weeks and fills the cocoon head to toe. Now I thought the doubles kit wasn't suitable for a child under 6 months? So I'm not sure what I should do with her now If I just put her in the bottom section with DD1 on top surely she will bash her legs on the doubles seat.

Any advice would be really appreciated thanks.


  • I just put Barney flat on the seat once he outgrew the cocoon. His feet were a bit close to the top seat but he didn't seem to care. I did move him into the doubles seat at about 4 months, I left it reclined and put a head hugger in for him, he's always been a big lad and very strong, and he seemed fine in there.
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