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wooden kitchens: Chad valley v Elc retro kitchen?????

I would really like to buy my daughter the elc red retro kitchen which my friend has and costs ??130 (a bit over my budget really) but Ive seen a small wooden kitchen in argos by chad valley which is now reduced to ??45!!! This kitchen would be a compromise to the one I really want but I could use the diffence in cost to buy other christmas presents. Having said this I would rather spend more and get a better one if the chad valley one is crap as Ive already bought a cheap plastic one which went in the bin coz it was rubbish. Can anyone recomend either of these kitchens?

Amy :\?


  • We don't have either of those two but we do have this
    and it's brilliant, really sturdy and well made.
  • Ive just taken a look at the two kitchens. I personally would pay a bit more and get the retro one as it just looks a better one that will last longer. How much would you be happy to pay for it? Could you speak to your family and mention that you want to get this one and ask for some money to go towards it. If the family say they would like to get a small gift for your lo to open on Christmas day, you could ask for something your lo could play with in the kitchen i,e food, tins, saucepans etc.

    I googled online and mumsnet and some good recommendations. I looked for wooden kitchens and the only decent ones seemed to be on the link below although theres not loads of choice unless you go over ??100. Theres a pastel coloured one for ??95.
  • I think the chad valley toys are quite good quality but haven't seen the kitchen.

    I have to say that I was highly impressed with the quality of the red kitchen when we checked everything was there. We havent made it up yet but the finish was nice, everything looked good quality and well made.

    Have you looked at the reviews online? there are some good ones for the red retro kitchen.

    Also - if you are thinking of the elc one can you get hold of a discount code? We got 20% off ours - think i go in elc too often as she recognised me and let me have 20% off even though coles birthday voucher isnt here yet.. think i looked panicked when she told me they'd sold out by novemnber last year and there were only 300 left int he country so i got the discount!

    Can you get the kitchen from argos to look at? I think they still do a viewing thingy where they'll get stuff out for you to take a look at
  • Thank you for everyones advice/opinions they were all really helpful thanx!

    Joey08 I had a look at that website you suggested but the kitchen I REALLY liked on the website isnt available for delivery in the Uk. Hav you dealt with that company at all?

    Amy image
  • hey i want to get millie that retro kitchen for her next birthday is 2 too young? i know it says 3 but she plays with them now and shes only 13months i know im thinking ahead lol havent got any ideas for xmas yet but have sooo many for her next birthday!! xx
  • princessjane - does it say 3? Lol I didnt even look. WE have got it for cole's 2nd birthday and I dont think it'll be too young for him - unless he can't reach the top shelf lol. He's been playing withmy friends kids wooden kitchen for months - always goes and helps himself!! might as well get your moneys worth from them Ithink image

    Seriously though - although we haven't put it together yet we've checked everything is there and it seems veyr well made and sturdy and things like hinges on the doors and the little sink bowl and stuff seem pretty sturdy too so I think it'll stand up to cole's rough play.

    I've jsut realised that i've totally forgotten to say on the other posts about this kitchen that i've made (seems to have come up a lot lately image) that one of the reasons we went for this one was the storage space - there is a lot of cupboard/microwave/oven etc space for stashing all the play food/pans etc away at the end of the day which seems like a good idea to me image

  • After reading Kia's post that said the red retro kitchen was sold old by November last year I pamicked and bought it last night incase it sold out! lol. Red kitchen it is then lol! My daughter is only 2 so it should be ok for your little girls birthday princess jane!
  • Oh dear..hope I didn't panic you too much! better to buy now than be disappointed I think - i'd have been gutted if we couldn't get it for cole.
  • I've just bought my dd a snow white disney kitchen from Tesco and she absolutely loves it and was a bargin at ??35 in their half price sale x
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